Hiking in Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has many hiking trails on South Rim and North Rim. Many options are available for hiking, you can have spectacular view of Grand Canyon. On paved trail you can easily complete your one day hike trip. If you go down from South Rim village, then you can stay in Phantom Ranch. If it takes 1 hour to go down then it will take 2 hours to come back on the top of the mountain.

You need follow these steps while going on hike:

  1. You must your plan before going on hike. Make a plan, gather information about weather, know about your destination, about water’s availability, about your stamina and hike intelligently. You are responsible for your safety as well as other people in your group. Follow the trail, don’t try to go on shortcuts.
  2. It will be difficult for newcomers because of high elevation, steepy way and hot temperature. Be conservative in planning your hike. Many people consider it the toughest hike trails because of high temperature and difficult steep climb. If you are heart patient, have asthma, knee or joint pain and other medical issues, do not go for hike. Be kind to yourself and don’t take risk. Stay within your abilities.
  3. Don’t bring a lot stuff with you while hiking. Lesser the weight, lesser the fatigue. Make sure the most of burden of your bag carry, should be food and water. Use hiking sticks on steepy way. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and hat. Don’t litter around the way. Bring flashlight, first aid kit and whistle.
  4. Try to walk throughout the hike, it will not burden your stamina. You will be relaxed if you think you can talk while walking. No need to huff and puff. Make small steps while hiking, it will reserves your body energy for longer span of time. You will not get tired after the hike at night and the next day.
  5. You must take a break after every 1 hour. It is not going to slow you down but will help you to rejuvenate. Drink water and enjoy the view in this break. Sit down and prop your legs up.
  6. Eat more in your hiking trip, it will help to keep you active throughout the hike. No matter what the temperature is, eat more than you usually eat, drink water. Food is the main source of energy while hiking in Canyon. Salty snacks should be consumed on every hike which lasts longer than 30 minutes.
  7. Plan twice your hike before going to Canyon. Always remember it will take twice to climb up the mountain. If it takes 1 hour to go down then it will take 2 hours to climb up.
  8. You will find mules on the way of hike, make sure to give them way and step out of the way towards the uphill side. Remain completely quiet and calm.

Here are the main points of Hiking:

  1. Bright Angel Point Trail
  2. Transept Trail
  3. Bridle Trail
  4. North Kaibab Trail
  5. Ken Patrick Trail
  6. Uncle Jim Trail
  7. Widforss Trail
  8. Arizona Trail
  9. Cape Royal Trail
  10. Cliff Springs Trail
  11. Cape Final Trail
  12. Roosevelt Point Trail
  13. Point Imperial Trail
  14. Rim Trail
  15. Hermit Trail
  16. Grandview Trail

Do a day hike and go as far as you can, then back. You can also start your hike up from your rafting trip on Colorado river. If you want to hike from South Kaibab to Cedar Ridge, it will take 3 miles down with spectacular view. The fantastic view here includes the zig zag path through the canyon inner gorge, called Devil’s Corkscrew.  Another famous hiking point is The Indian Garden. We do not recommend this place for hiking in summer because of high temperature. You can find water resource here. Toilets and emergency phones are available on different locations. It takes 9 miles to complete this hike.

Santa Maria Spring on Hermit Trail is 4.4 miles long, which sits 1600 feet deep into the Canyon. Water needs to be purified before drinking, bring water treatment pills. If you are interested in Historic landmarks then you can come to the Hopi House on the South Rim. Start from the Bright Angel Lodge, go inside and see the history of the company and Colter’s employer and the famous “Harvey Girls” history. More than 100,000 girls served as waitresses in Harvey restaurants. Red Horse Cabin is the oldest structure in the South Rim, nowadays serves as the guests suite. While going onwards you will reach at the Lookout Studio, built in 1914. Next explore  Kolb Studio built in 1904, than beautiful hotel will come known as El Tovar Hotel.


There are not any easy hiking in Grand Canyon. More than 250 people are rescued in one year. It is up to you to decide whether to go on hiking trip or not. You know better about your stamina. Do not try to complete your hike within one day especially in the months of summer. Day time hiking is much better than night. You can enjoy the view of Grand Canyon at day time. Water bottles filling stations can be found anywhere on South Rim and North Rim. You must know about weather conditions before leaving for hiking trip.

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